Yoga Lessons in Mauritius

It has taken time to adjust to my new environment as everything is and feels very different. To feel that security you feel from doing your every day rituals and things that you are used to doing, without thinking. To start things all new and fresh,  it can be very liberating and frightening at the same time! 

When you are taken out of your comfort zone with such a big change like a big move to a new country you can feel very unsettled in the beginning  and this is where I find my daily yoga practice has really come in on top.

My daily yoga practice has in many ways helped me to feel grounded and to come back to the same space I know everyday so well. The same space that makes me feel safe secure and free.

I now hope to show others how to feel the safe space that a daily yoga practice creates. You can take this space with you anywhere and everywhere and this will make you feel grounded secure safe and free no matter where you are.

And now that I am feeling more grounded I can plant my feet firmly into the ground and say YES I do like this place, YES it does have the ups and downs like everything in life does, but with my feet planted firmly in the ground I can say YES I will give it my best and YES, I am here to stay. - (at least for now.)

I am now taking bookings for yoga lessons to help you with your daily yoga practice in Mauritius!

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