Aspasia has over 10 years experience teaching pregnancy yoga, at some of the top South West London Yoga centres, like Samsara Mind Body, Gina Conway, Boco, Vitality Centre, Yoga Mama, Yogiyoga and many more! She now has the privilege of teaching yoga in Richmond Upon Thames.

Aspasia has trained with top UK prenatal yoga teacher Tara Lee and has 2 of her own children, bringing all this experience to you is a dream come true!

You will find her classes will help you to prepare for labour and accommodate all the changes that are happening at this stage of your life. She will guide you and help you to create a safe space to nurture yourself and your growing baby. To start your journey of becoming a mother, to trust what is happening to your body and to take care of yourself first - transferring this love and care to your growing baby.

Her classes are designed to help you to relieve all sorts of pregnancy aches and pains, improve sleep, reduce stress, boost circulation, release fluid retention, release backache, sciatica, pelvic pain, heartburn, wrist pain and swollen limbs. You will learn postures and breathing techniques which are specially designed to release any tension and tightness in your body and to build strength, keeping you healthy and in shape throughout your pregnancy.

Her classes will help you to stay fit, positive and strong throughout your pregnancy and you will also find the sessions very helpful for you to recover faster afterwards.

What a great way to enter Motherhood!

Aspasia's latest pregnancy meditation is now also featured in Tara Lee's latest DVD. 


"I've so much enjoyed  Aspa's pregnancy yoga classes- it's a wonderful chance to move stretch and bond with the baby in a calm and peaceful environment. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!" - Dominique

"I really enjoy this class- it makes me feel very relaxed, feel in touch with my baby - and I can sleep so much better at night! - Cora

" I love this class, it's so peaceful and relaxing and I feel great after. I walk out feeling more connected and in touch with all that is happening with my body and around me." - Caterina

*classes are recommended from 14 weeks onwards

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