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Yoga classes in the workplace are known to boost productivity, reduce sick days, increase mental clarity, combat fatigue, improve memory, strengthen the muscles, fight stress and increase workplace satisfaction.

Corporate yoga is designed for the mental and physical well-being of corporate employees making the work environment feel more connected and less stressful. London is a busy city and employees are often under a lot of pressure to perform with often work long hours, possibly hunched at their desktops over a laptop or with a phone pressed to their ears. These bad work habits can take a toll on the minds and bodies of the employees and manifest as stress, anxiety, and sickness.

Yoga can benefit employees in managing stressful work situations. Yoga helps to effectively, enhance productivity, and maintaining overall health and fitness and mindfulness in employees.

Some of the benefits of yoga in the workplace are:

Realeases stress

Diminishes Aggression and Hostility-

Increases Focus and Confidence

Improves Posture

Improves Digestion

Promotes Workforce Bonding

Intensifies Energy

Refines Breathing

Polishes Decision Making Skills

Yoga is known to limit levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which can pave the way for establishing a calmer and more peaceful workplace.

Exercise releases feel-good hormones like endorphins which can promote a feeling of well-being. Yoga can lead to increased levels of energy, clarity, and mental alertness among the staff, which can generate a better attitude towards the workplace. It can raise creativity and fine-tune the decision-making abilities of the workers implying more productivity.


60 minutes session for your staff, up to 10 students - £80

6 x prebooked 1hr classes for your staff- up to 10 students - £420

60 minutes
for 12-20 students £100

6 prebooked - 60 minutes sessions for 12 -20 students - £480

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