I've started yoga lessons with Aspa, and it is my favourite time of the week. I always feel wonderful afterwards, my sessions are a mix of relaxation, meditation and exercise, I highly recommend giving her a try. - Helen K, Mauritius

I love Aspa's classes I find it is my weekly therapy session! Aspa creates a safe place and space for my yoga practice and she is the reason I started yoga on a regular basis. I love the way she combines meditation and posture with breathing techniques that seem to reduce my stress and open my body up. Her classes leave me feeling like I have reduced the anxiety and stress levels in my life and at the same time strengthened my body. I highly recommend! - Helen, London UK

I did pregnancy yoga with Aspa and now I finally found the time to come do her Hatha and Vinyasa classes which I have to say are making me feel more relaxed and rejuvenated and connected to my everyday experiences. The classes make me feel more open and flexible, relaxed and intune with my inner self.  I love her classes and recommend it for anyone looking to feel amazing and connected working with all aspects of body, mind and soul.  " Victoria, UK

"  A gentle and mindful experience that helps me to connect with my baby and with myself. I find the class invites space into my body and leaves me feeling balanced, with more energy and a lot calmer." - Melanie, Mauritius

"I have loved Aspa's Hatha Yoga Classes and I find I leave the class feeling rejuvenated and more connected to the present moment, full of energy and vitality and completely relaxed. A wonderful experience. I highly recommend her classes. - Patricia, UK

"I've so much enjoyed  Aspa's pregnancy yoga classes- it's a wonderful chance to move stretch and bond with the baby in a calm and peaceful environment. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!" - Dominique, UK

"I really enjoy this class- it makes me feel very relaxed, feel in touch with my baby - and I can sleep so much better at night! - Cora, UK

" I love this class, it's so peaceful and relaxing and I feel great after. I walk out feeling more connected and in touch with all that is happening with my body and around me." - Caterina, UK